A Playlist for Fall

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Somehow, some way September is coming to an end. Life is flying by at lightning speed, and certainly full of challenges -- but the good, wisdom-building kind. I want to thank every one of you who come visit and leave thoughtful comments even though I've reverted to a lighter posting schedule. For those of you who are new -- welcome! Be sure to check out the archives for loads of my favorite inspiration.

Since I've been so busy, I completely forgot to let you all know that one of my favorite playlists was published in the Washington Post's music blog Click Track a few weeks ago. If you have the time, head over there and check it out. I hope you find it as perfect for the coming autumn days as I do!

(P.S. DC readers check back tomorrow for a fun treat!)


Amanda Hill said...

I know how you feel...October already???

Tommy said...

Fiona Apple AND Jeff Buckley?! Yes, ma'am!