Inspiration 12.13 {Focus}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If you flip back far enough in this blog, you'll see that I was once a girl who loved excess -- crazy pattern combos, jewel box rooms and busy tableaux. But, as the years went on, something changed that. Maybe it was a hectic work life or the constraints of apartment living, or just some semblance of maturity, but today I'll take homey minimalism over opulence any day of the week.

This random combination of images helps me understand why. I love how a warm, textured minimalism brings the important stuff into focus. In these cases, nondescript backgrounds let the vivid, living colors of the blooms seem illuminated. Without clutter, I can truly let my mind rest...and when my mind rests, it's amazing how creativity and mindfulness materialize without forcing or anxiety.

I assume that your tastes might be similar if you're a regular reader. So what do you think draws you to these kinds of spaces? Has your taste evolved over the years? Conversely, if you love more exuberant interiors, how do they positively impact your mindset?

Images: 1. Plain English Design 2. Leanne Shapton

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Tommy said...

I love this. I think that minimalism draws me in because it's classic and unfussy--low maintenance but always in style. That sink is my favorite, favorite. This style in general works with any lifestyle and in any setting.